A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

“The only thing I knew about Australia was Skippy the kangaroo,” reveals Michael Ascharsobi when first asked about the land he now calls home.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Master of Science in Internetworking graduate now works at Google. He started at the company in 2011 as an apps strategist, before moving into operations managing workflow processes. It’s a far cry from Ahwaz, the small Iranian town that borders Iraq, from which he fled at age 16.

“I follow a religion, Sabian Mandaean, which in Iran is different from the mainstream,” says Ascharsobi. “So growing up was a little difficult because I had to keep my religion in hiding.” He even had to lie about his religion to enter high school and was never sure if his secret would be discovered. It was.

Published in October 2013 version of U:Magazine.

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