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Outer Space Open for Business

Fancy a space beer with a meat pie? Or lounging in a hotel in outer space? There’s a bunch of people in Sydney waiting for that to happen.

Orbit Oz is a new group set up in Sydney to jumpstart the space industry in Australia. Packed with engineers, entrepreneurs and those who just love space, these future business builders are hoping to inspire a new generation of industry focused on using technology in outer space.

Rachel Worsley reports.

Broadcast March 5th 2014 on Razors Edge.


Legally Student: Vail Bromberger

Fierce debater and aspiring lawyer Vail Bromberger     ( BROHM- BERGER)   is only in her second year of a straight law degree at the University of Technology Sydney.

But she’s not afraid to voice her views.

Reporter Rachel Worsley speaks to her about her law school life, and for her,  how the worlds of fiction and reality collide…. in the legal profession.

Coworking goes suburban

For many workers, coworking is a great escape from the usual office drudgery, where independent professionals gather in a shared collaborative space to carry out their businesses. According to the most recent Global Coworking Survey, there are at least 72 coworking spaces based in Australia, with the majority based in large cities such as Sydney. Across the world, many people report increased levels of creativity, focus and quality of work as a result of moving into coworking spaces.

But not everyone is a fan of making the trip to the city. In the last year alone, at least three new coworking spaces have sprung up in the northern suburbs of Sydney. These small business owners say that they value the interactivity and shared space of the coworking arena, but yearn to be much closer to home. Reporter Rachel Worsley spoke to Bruce Perry, the founder of HeadOfficeHub, about why he decided to open a new coworking space in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Broadcast 24 February 2014 for ‘On The Money’ and ‘Razors Edge’.

Legally Student: Karina Marlow

It may be a cliché to say that most law students are inspired by Atticus Finch, the quintessential lawyer in Harper Lee’s famous classic ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’ But for Karina Marlow, a third year law and media student at Macquarie University, it has been a guiding path to the way she envisions the practice of law. She speaks to Rachel Worsley about the law school experience.

Legally Student: Virat Nehru

Virat Nehru calls himself a jack of all trades, as he juggles his media and law studies at the University of Sydney with writing his first novel and interviewing lawyers about their experience. He speaks to reporter Rachel Worsley about the interplay between the law and morality in the criminal law, the ever difficult questions of lawyer’s ethics and why he likes about the law, even if it wasn’t always his first choice.

Aired 30th January 2014 on Radio Atticus for 2ser 107.3FM

Study Success Pt 2: The Rise of Online Motivation Pages

It is that dreaded time for all University Students, End of Semester Exams! If you are studying for your final exams, you might be wondering, after such a gruelling semester, if there is anything left in your tank to keep you going.

Last week, here on Razor’s Edge, we brought you the first part of a two part special on student motivation. We talked about feel-good motivational Facebook pages, and looked into whether they’re effective motivators for study.

In this final part, we look at online motivational websites used by students for motivation.

Rachel Worsley investigates.

Study Success Pt 1: Facebook Motivation or Procrastination?

It’s now officially over. This year, over 70,000 students sat the NSW Higher School Certificate. Around the country, high school students are on the brink of finishing their last ever exams for high school. Throughout their journey, they’ve had to endure hours of studying, constant testing and general cramming for exams that would decide their future at university. It’s not surprising that for some people, motivation was just a little bit lacking.

But how do we best get people motivated through all that work? In this two-part special, Razors Edge will be looking at two ways school and university students rely on to get through the hectic exam period and to get through it well.

Today, we look at the Facebook pages dedicated to feel-good motivational messages. They’re adored by thousands of students who feel like they just need that bit of a lift or a bit of a different perspective to get through the drudgery of work. But are they just fooling themselves on the real work that needs to be done in order to ace their exams?

Rachel Worsley has the report.

Bee-ing Uncertain

Everyone knows what it’s like to be uncertain – at least, humans do. But are non-human animals ever uncertain?

In ground-breaking research, Macquarie University professor Andrew Barron and his American colleague, Professorial Fellow Clint Perry, discovered that yes, bees can feel uncertainty too. Through experiments at Macquarie University, they were able to show that rather than risking the consequences of a bad decision, bees would choose to seek more information or opt out entirely.

Rachel Worsley reports.

Infrared lasers one step away from super-computer dream

Do you always complain about slow internet? Maybe you’ve got a billion tabs open on your browser and the whole computer freezes up?

That may not be the case in the future. New nanotechnology research published today shows how Australian National University scientists have managed to produce lasers from infrared light using ultra-thin wires called nanowires.

These scientists say that the research will be a step closer to producing super-fast computers in the near future.

Aired 18th November 2013 for The Wire.