Portfolio Highlights


Online technology key to mental health interventions: http://www.reportageonline.com/2013/04/online-technology-key-to-mental-health-interventions/

Published April 2013 in Reportage Online

Vibration Advertising inside your head: http://www.reportageonline.com/2013/08/vibration-advertising-inside-your-head/

Published September 2013 in Reportage Online


Do you know how to recognise a stroke?


Broadcast 19 July 2013 for Razors Edge, 2ser 107.3FM

How engaged are we when it comes to science?


Broadcast 16 August 2013 for Razors Edge, 2ser 107.3FM


‘The Trials and Tribulations of Jaymes Diaz’

Filmed on Election Day 2013, September 7 2013. I was sent on NewsDay to cover the election party at the electorate of Greenway in western Sydney.





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