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CLCs band together to #unlockthelaw


Have you always wondered what to do if you got tangled up in a dispute over an unpaid bill? Or perhaps you got into a bit of a fight and now you’re facing charges? But what happens if you’re not eligible for Legal Aid, and you don’t have the money for a lawyer?
Every year, thousands of Australians seek the legal advice and help from community legal centres all around Australia. And it’s no different in Sydney, where there are at least ten different types of community legal centres in the city centre alone, ranging from generalist claims to consumer credit and even to intellectual disability representation. But now in the wake of $43 million cuts to community legal centres announced by the Federal Government late last year, these community legal centres are starting to wonder if they’re going to start turning away more and more clients.
Today is the National Day of Action for Community Legal Centres, and reporter Rachel Worsley sat down with some of our city’s busiest community legal centres to discuss their future.

Broadcast 3 April 2014.

CLCs galvanised into action to #unlockthelaw

For many people in our society, community legal centres function as a symbol of access to justice, the rule of law, community development and the defender of individual human rights. But now their role in the community is under threat with proposed $43 million dollar cuts from the Federal Government announced late last year.

That’s stung the national community law sector into response. They launched a National Day of Action for Community Legal Centres in early April this year, promising to uphold their commitment to “unlock the law” for the large numbers of people who cannot afford legal representation, but do not qualify for Legal Aid.

Rachel Worsley reports.

Photo Credit: Clyde Robinson/flickr

Note: This is the national version of a story I did for Razors Edge earlier, which focused on Sydney-based CLCs rather than rural or other states.