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Legally Student: Alix Piatek


Law and journalism often make good company, but few can imagine the path of one particular law student who has embodied every facet of that delicate balance between the two disciplines. Alix Piatek is in her final year of a law/journalism degree, and has worked as a barrister’s assistant, a political fact-checker, a writer for legal publication Justinian and now a producer on SBS’s talk show Insight. She talks to Rachel Worsley about how she straddles the divide.


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No Journos Allowed!

TPP photo

No Journos Allowed!

Let’s call a public meeting, but not invite any journos.

Hang on – does that make it a public-private meeting?

Well that appeared to be the case earlier this week when the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade initially barred all journalists from attending a stakeholder meeting on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Sydney. DFAT allowed media workers back in eventually, but only as private citizens and under the condition of not reporting any content from the meeting.

As Rachel Worsley reports, media advocates claim this is suppression of information from the public, but others say it’s important to ensure that important trade information between countries doesn’t get compromised by unwanted public attention.

Online technology key to mental health interventions

Online technology key to mental health interventions

A new study has confirmed that looking to online technologies may be the key to dealing with supporting patients of mental illness. Rachel Worsleyreports.

Online intervention can reach people who might not seek assistance otherwise. Photo: Julien Haler/flickr

A recent study from the Black Dog Institute has found that information and communication technologies are just as likely to be important as biotechnology in mental health interventions.

The study, published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, found that the internet has led to an explosion in the dissemination of knowledge and sharing among individuals and organisations.