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Infrared lasers one step away from super-computer dream

Do you always complain about slow internet? Maybe you’ve got a billion tabs open on your browser and the whole computer freezes up?

That may not be the case in the future. New nanotechnology research published today shows how Australian National University scientists have managed to produce lasers from infrared light using ultra-thin wires called nanowires.

These scientists say that the research will be a step closer to producing super-fast computers in the near future.

Aired 18th November 2013 for The Wire.

The Mystery of the Missing Science Ministry

The Mystery of the Missing Science Ministry

When Tony Abbott announced his frontbench earlier this week, many were dismayed by the lack of women on the frontbench. But just as many were concerned about the lack of a Minister of Science, which had ceased to become its own portfolio since its creation in 1931.

Instead, the responsibility for science will be split between the new Minister for Industry, Ian Mcfarlane, and Education Minister, Christopher Pyne.

Some critics say that this shows the lack of importance that the new Abbott Government will put on science, and is seen as a retrograde step backwards for the 21st Century.

Rachel Worsley reports.